The History of Rheumatology In Belgium, a publication by Dr Robert François

This very valuable volume was launched on Wednesday Night the 28 th September 2012 at the KBVR-SRBR meeting in Antwerp , where a free copy of this book was offered to the KBVR-SRBR members.

You can order copies of this book via the KBVR/SRBR secretary for 25 euro plus 7 euro shipping costs.

The book “Histoire de la rhumatologie en Belgique/Geschiedenis van de reumatologie in België”, written by our former president Robert François is built up of two parts. In the first one, the author traces all medical books published in the former Belgian countries, from the 16thto the early 20thcenturies, containing data about rheumatism. This part of the book aims at retrieving what was known by Belgian physicians about rheumatism in those centuries. The second part describes the foundation of the Belgian League against rheumatism in 1926, with the first general meeting in 1927, and the first achievements (creation of rheumatism centres). The evolution up to the second World War and the brave attitude of a few rheumatologists during that war are recalled next. The revival of the League after the war and the founding of the professional association are then described and how rheumatology got recognized as a separate speciality. The League was converted into the Belgian society for rheumatology in 1966 and into the Belgian royal society in 1976. All past presidents up to 2006 have their picture in the book and a short biographical note. The functioning of the Society is described. Teaching and training of rheumatologists throughout the last five or six decades is indicated. The birth of patients’ associations in the field of rheumatology is mentioned, as well as Barie and the Patient partners program. A large table shows the successive boards of administrators from 1927 through 2006. Important decisions about rheumatology published in the Moniteur belge/Belgisch staatsblad are listed in the bibliography.

The book is edited by the Belgian royal society for rheumatology. It is bilingual, with 128 pages in French and 128 in Dutch. It contains 80 colour figures. ISBN 978 90 8177 9203.

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